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Qliq is an innovative and progressive trading and investment company, comprised of quantitative and qualitative teams. We emphasize a scientific approach with a strong focus on research, data, and technology to design strategies that position us at the forefront of the industry. Encouraging our employees to take initiatives and think outside the box is a key characteristic of our dynamic and creative work culture.


We use mathematical and statistical models to make trading decisions.

Innovation and initiative

We encourage our employees to bring initiatives and think creatively.

Scientific decision-making

We inform our decisions with scientific rigor.

Open culture

We promote an open and inclusive work environment.

Data and technology

We are committed to research and data analysis that we leverage with the latest technology.


We focus on fundamental research with a no-nonsense mentality.

Qliq is hiring! We are open to highly skilled individuals who share our values and are passionate about qualitative and quantitative strategies and algorithm development.

Take a look at our job openings.

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